APRIL 14 & 15, 2012


LOCATION: The tournament will be held at the indoor range of the Amarillo Rifle & Pistol Club in Amarillo, TX. If you are going west on I-40 turn right on Western St., if you are going east on I-40 turn left on Western St. go 7 miles north. The range is located on the right side of the road. Indoor range has 12 electrically operated 25 yard targets.


TIME: Saturday and Sunday, April 14 & 15, 2012, firing will commence at 8:00 A.M. sharp.


RULES: Current NRA pistol rules will govern in all matches: Triggers may be checked at any time during the match. A set of NRA approved trigger weights will be available for competitors to check their firearms prior to the match. Ammunition on the range is restricted to lead bullets only. No jacketed ammunition.


ELIGIBILITY: All competitors must be members of the TSRA . Non-Texas residents may become a Match Member for a fee of $10.00. A Match Member is a member of TSRA for the duration of the match.


ENTRIES LIMITED: Entries limited to 36 competitors


POST ENTRIES: Post entries will be accepted subject to range limitation. Post entries will close at 7:30 A.M. on April 14, 2012.


ENRTY FEES: 3 Guns $55.00, 2 Guns $ 36.00, 1 Gun $22.00: Juniors half price. TSRA Team Support Match included in registration fee. TEAM ENTRY FEE for 3 Guns $36.00. Fees do not include TSRA membership dues, (required if not a current member)

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUESTED NOTE: If a competitor pays a package fee but drops out of competition after having fired any portion of the match no refund will be given (emergencies excepted). Entry fee accepted at the match.


CONTACT: Daryl Taramasso

8100 Alexandria Avenue

Amarillo, TX 79118-6197

806-358-8700 or Email dtaramasso@sbcglobal.net


SQUADDING: 12 Firing points; 9 Relays total; 2 Guns on Saturday and 1 Gun Sunday. Relay 1-6 Saturday and Relay 7-9 on Sunday. Those wishing to, may fire the .22 match on Friday evening. The Friday evening relay will commence promptly at 6:00 p.m.

CLASSIFICATION: NRA Classification system will be used for all matches. Assigned classification (Rule 19.6) may be used in making entry. Classification and TSRA membership cards will be checked at time of registration. Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master Class unless there are five (5) or more unclassified competitors. In this case a special class will be provided and awards given.


AWARDS: Match Winner and First in class a trophy, except that no competitor will be eligible for more than one trophy in class.

First place will be awarded for 3-6 competitors in a class

Second place will be awarded for 7-11 competitors

Third place will be awarded for over 12 competitors

A trophy will be awarded to the High Senior, High Grand Senior, High Junior, and High Woman.



TEAM MATCH: The team matches will be a fired match and will be fired on Saturday after the last relay.


TEAM AWARDS: A trophy will be awarded to the team winner in each class providing there is a minimum of three (3) teams in each class.


CHALLENGES: A challenge fee of $1.00 will be charged for each challenge made. See NRA rules for correct procedure.


ACCOMMODATION: All of the major motel/hotel chains are represented on I-40 within a few minutes of the range.


METHOD OF FIRES: There will be 6 relays on Saturday and 3 relays on Sunday.

Saturday: Match 1 through 10

Sunday: Match 11 through 16


SCHEDULE: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 8:00 A.M.

Match #1 22 Slow Fire

Match #2 22 NMC

Match #3 22 Timed Fire

Match #4 22 Rapid Fire

Match #5 22 Aggregate

Match #6 CF Slow Fire

Match #7 CF NMC

Match #8 CF Timed Fire

Match #9 CF Rapid Fire

Match #10 CF Aggregate


Sunday, April 15, 2012, 8:00 A.M.

Match #11 45 Sow Fire

Match #12 45 NMC

Match #13 45 Timed Fire

Match #14 45 Rapid Fire

Match #15 45 Aggregate

Match #16 Grand Aggregate & Championship


TARGETS: Slow Fire B 16, Timed & Rapid Fire B-8 with X-ring


MEETING: A meeting will be held immediately after Relay 3, Saturday morning to nominate Conventional Pistol Directors for the TSRA in accordance with the current By-laws of the Association.



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TSRA # or Apply for TSRA Membership, $30.00. Non-Texas resident

may become a Match Member for a fee of $10.00. A Match Member is a member of TSRA

for the duration of the match.






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